NEW PRODUCT FLASH: AlgaePac System From Oldcastle Precast

These algae production tanks with wheels remove nitrogen and phosphorus.

For tertiary wastewater treatment applications, the AlgaePac system from Oldcastle Precast features patented Algaewheel technology which provides a diverse ecological environment for wastewater discharged to Surface, Subsurface, and/or Reuse situations.

Using a symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria, the AlgaePac system combines Algaewheel technology, simple clarification processes enhanced by the natural coagulating effect of algae filaments, and disinfection to provide effluent treated to tertiary standards.

Algae, a plant that grows through photosynthesis (assimilates nitrates, phosphates, and their antecedents into plant food), produces oxygen while consuming nutrients and CO2.

Typical AlgaePac System Components. (The greenhouse enclosure is used in colder climates to foster algae growth.)

In the Algaewheel environment, bacteria convert organic carbon into food for the algae. In turn, algae convert inorganics into food for the bacteria. The net result is a robust ecological environment and a treatment plant that:

  • Provides tertiary treatment
  • Has low energy requirements due to direct usage of solar energy
  • Has low maintenance due to simple technology and natural processes

The Algaewheel is at the heart of the AlgaePac system, and typical project applications include:

  • Subdivisions
  • Institutional and educational facilities
  • Commercial development
  • Government facilities
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Mobile home parks

Oldcastle Precast recently signed an agreement with Cincinnati Nature Center, a non-profit, environmental education and land preservation organization, to install an AlgaePac Packaged Wastewater Treatment System at the Rowe Woods location in Milford, OH. Oldcastle Precast’s Hartford City, Indiana plant will provide the system, and Oldcastle Precast Services, Indianapolis, will provide turn-key installation of the AlgaePac system, as well as a packaged lift station and force main collection system.