NEW PRODUCT FLASH: CFR Retro-Seam From Metal-Span

Metl-Span LLC, based in Lewisville, TX, has introduced CFR Retro-Seam™, an insulated metal standing seam roof panel that features the innovative Roof Hugger® sub-purlin system.

CFR Retro-Seam System from Metl-Span
CFR Retro-Seam System from Metl-Span

The CFR Retro-Seam system eliminates the need and associated cost of removing an existing roof.

The system uses a light gauge structural member, notched to span over the original roof’s ribs or corrugation, that is positioned directly over the building’s framing system. The member is attached to the roof purlins through the bottom flange of the structural member and the existing roof sheet. The new Metl-Span panels are then attached to the new member.

Metl-Span’s CFR Retro-Seam system can be an energy efficient and economically sound solution for facilities, because it:

  • Maximizes thermal performance, which translates into measurably lower energy and usage costs;
  • Eliminates the need and associated cost of removing the existing roof;
  • Improves the integrity of original design loadings and meets International Building Code (IBC) requirements;
  • Provides weathertight performance—building integrity is preserved for decades; and
  • Saves approximately 50-70% on labor costs.

The CFR Retro-Seam system is available in a variety of standard, premium, metallic, and pearlescent colors.