NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Customized Bollards

When they cannot find an “off the shelf” bollard for their facility projects, some industry professionals are turning instead to custom bollards that offer a number of design options.

Bollards from Wikk Industries can be customized for facilities.
Bollards from Wikk Industries can be customized for facilities.

“For some building projects, the standard, boxy, aluminum bollard post just isn’t right,” says Dave Boehmer, sales engineer for Detroit Door & Hardware. “It can undo the effect the architect or building occupant was aiming for.”

Such was the case when the Adrian Public Library in Adrian, MI underwent a renovation. A typical aluminum bollard post didn’t match its renovation goals. “The library occupants wanted something more custom and durable,” explains Boehmer.

According to Boehmer, the head librarian was able to find the bollard post from Wikk Industries, a designer and manufacturer of automatic door equipment. The company customizes the material, design, finish, switch type, and location of bollard preps and also the dimensions and cap, with multiple preps for add-ons such as intercoms, card readers, and pull stations.

“The custom bollard has a streamlined look that’s more aesthetic than typical boxy units and it’s more functional,” said Boehmer. “With its stainless steel post and satin stainless finish, it’ll withstand Michigan winters much longer than the usual aluminum ones.”

Another option for Wikk bollards is the INGRESS’R switch, an automatic entry door product to be mounted on the bollard. Because the switch is 36” tall by 6” wide with a fully actionable 2-1/2” column, the door can be opened from any height or angle of approach. This was designed to make it easier for users to activate entry into a facility.