New Product Flash: Econolight Auto Fan/Light Shutdown From ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas

Econolight from ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas is a cab lighting control device designed to conserve energy by turning the car lights off when the elevator is not in use. The light turns on as soon as the elevator car is activated, such as when the elevator doors open.

Econolight is continually monitoring signals from the elevator control so passengers are never in the dark. This device may also be attached to the cab fan, thereby allowing for the conservation of additional energy.

Econolight is a sustainable solution that eliminates approximately 60% of wasted energy in an idle elevator. Econolight is compliant with national codes and tied into a timer that extinguishes the lighting when certain criteria are met. With Econolight, energy use could go from 24 hours a day to much less, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 193,000 tons per year.

Econolight complies with ASME to permit the automatic operation of the car lights when the operating circuit is arranged to turn the lights off only when the following conditions are met for not less than five minutes:

  1. The car is at the floor
  2. The doors are closed
  3. There is no demand for service
  4. The car is on automatic operation

Momentary interruption of any of the above conditions will turn the lights on.

The board ties into the following signals:

  • 4 inputs to comply with ASME
  • 1 input for any additional signal like a motion sensor
  • 1 input for any kind of panic button
  • 1 relay output for light circuit
  • 1 relay output for fan
  • 1 logic output for LED dimming feature


  • Two hour installation
  • NEMA enclosure
  • Solid state construction, providing years of service


  • Conserves energy
  • Increases the value of the elevator and building
  • Elevator out of service for less than two hours for installation
  • Save money due to fewer bulb replacements
  • Five year or less payback period in energy savings
  • Cabs are cooler when lighting has been off between service calls



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