NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Fork Safety Tubes from Meese Orbitron Dunne

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., a recycling product manufacturer based in Ashtabula, OH, is now offering optional fork safety tubes on its line of rotationally molded, plastic recycling collection carts, trucks, and reusable bulk containers.

Introduced with the company’s 50P-16S Scrapasaurus scrap collection cart, the fork safety tubes feature steel enclosures running the entire length of the bottom of the recycle cart, truck, or container to surround the fork tines, help secure the load to the lift truck, and reduce the potential for accidents. The fork safety tubes also permit rotation and dumping without requiring dedicated container dumping equipment.

Suited for the collection and transport of scrap metal, paper, plastic, construction/demolition debris, and other materials, the fork safety tubes permit manual handling of loaded carts to be replaced with lift trucks, which move heavier loads more quickly. The fork safety tubes accommodate virtually any standard lift truck or pallet jack and may be custom configured. In this photo, three black fork safety tubes are attached to the bottom of a recycling truck.