New Product Flash: Quiet Clean® Series Vacuums from Sanitaire

With professionals working longer hours and the janitorial industry seeking new ways to reduce costs and curb high staff turnover, day cleaning has become a fact of life for the commercial cleaning industry. At a minimum, day cleaning operations require quiet, commercial strength vacuums. This is what led Sanitaire, a member of the Electrolux Home Care Products family since 1974, to offer its Quiet Clean® line, a series of vacuum cleaners that let cleaning professionals vacuum facilities throughout the day without being heard—almost anyway.

“Studies show cleaning during the day can be 15 to 25% less costly than cleaning at night. In fact, utility expenses alone can be reduced as much as 30% by switching from nighttime cleaning to day based cleaning,” said David Parkes, general manager, Electrolux Commercial Division. “In response to increased demand, the Quiet Clean line is a reengineered collection of seven commercial vacuums that meet the needs of distributors and facility managers (fms) who are reporting a trend toward working longer hours on one hand, but working more quietly on the other.”

Built in Sanitaire’s own North America facility, the Quiet Clean line includes six uprights available in multiple platforms, ranging from the dual motor clean air vacuum with its on board tools and multitude of features to Sanitaire’s version of its traditional upright, now dressed in a new chassis with a quieter demeanor. The Quiet Clean line also includes a backpack vacuum, ideal for hard to reach places and equipped with an assortment of attachments for carpet and bare floor cleaning.

Quiet Clean uprights are available with and without attachments and include features such as large capacity, drop in bag system, and quick change power cords. On board tools include a diameter hose that stretches to 10 feet while still resisting clogging. The dust bag models feature a bag safety lid that prevents operation if the bag is not in place, and the easy to maintain bagless model includes one of the largest dust cups in the industry. Cleaning paths range from 12 inches to 15 inches, which covers 20% more area for quicker cleaning. Most models have a sealed HEPA filtration system and each captures 99.97% of allergens and pollen down to 0.3 microns. All have the CRI Seal of Approval and meet all requirements set by LEED guidelines.

According to Parkes, “The Quiet Clean series was created after research and interviews with end users and fms. What we heard loud and clear was our customers are in charge of facilities that want them to clean more quietly.”

All of the Sanitaire Quiet Clean models are backed by the Sanitaire Promise of Performance warranty, which covers parts, material, workmanship, and labor to further reduce maintenance costs and downtime for two years. Sanitaire products are backed by a network of more than 1,500 warranty service centers throughout the U.S.

Parkes added, “We also know day cleaning requires custodians to have a more professional demeanor and appearance as they perform their duties in the middle of a busy work environment. The look of our Quiet Clean uprights adds to the important visual cue that this is a clean facility, maintained by cleaning professionals working with state of the art equipment.”