Extech Instruments, a supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace has introduced a new photo/contact tachometer, Model RPM10. This device includes a built-in, non-contact InfraRed (IR) thermometer with laser pointer that provides surface temperature measurements ranging from -4 to 572 degrees Farenheit (-20 to 300 degrees Celsius) in locations that are unsafe or hard to reach.

RPM10 Tachometer from Extech Instruments
RPM10 Tachometer from Extech Instruments

The RPM10 features a 6:1 field of view, allowing a 1” spot to be measured at a distance of 6”. Combining IR temperature with RPM measurement, the RPM10 is a maintenance tool for evaluating motor performance and detecting bearings or insulation failures.

In the photo mode, Extech’s RPM10 uses a laser light source and measures 10 to 99,999 rpm from up to 6.5’ from the target. In the contact mode, it measures from 0.5 to 20,000 rpm, while linear surface speed measurements range from 0.2 to 6560 ft/min, and 0.05 to 1999.9 m/min. Measurements are accurate to 0.05% with max resolution of 0.1 rpm in either the photo or contact mode.

The characters in the display change direction so that the readings can be seen no matter which end of the tachometer is being used. Readings are displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD, and the memory stores the last maximum and minimum readings.

The rugged RPM10 is constructed with a soft, ergonomically designed double molded housing and comes complete with tips and wheels for rpm or linear surface speed, four 1.5V AA batteries, reflective tape, a rubber boot, and a carrying case.


  1. Digital testing equipment is more accurate than analog. The reading is in real numbers and easy to read. The advantage of it is it has a memory that records all the reading that can be used for improvement purposes.

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