NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Stonclad GS from Stonhard

Stonhard, a provider of high performance floor, wall, and lining systems offers Stonclad GS, a slip-resistant floor geared for use in manufacturing facilities, but suitable for numerous other applications including the food and beverage product flash

The company’s Stonclad line of products is a high performing, slip-resistant epoxy or urethane system formulated to withstand harsh environments, including those that cater to throngs of foot traffic and equipment, as well as chemical abrasion. Stonclad GS is formulated specifically for traffic aisles, production, chemical processing, and machine areas. It cures to an extremely hard, impact-resistant mortar. And with the use of the appropriate primer, Stonclad GS can also be applied over concrete, wood, brick, quarry tile, or metal.stonhard floor

The superior impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance of Stonclad GS contributes to smooth operations when installed in manufacturing facilities. For instance, its seamless, slip-resistant qualities provide long-term durability against forklifts and other heavy machinery; this helps minimize shutdowns for repairs and increases production in the facility. (Shown here is Stonclad GS in a winery.)

Available in 12 standard colors, Stonclad GS offers a variety of high performance design options that are easy to maintain. Headquartered in Maple Shade, NJ, Stonhard offers a single source warranty on both products and installation. The company’s team of project engineers and construction management experts evaluate a project from start to finish to meet all of a facility’s requirements.