NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Photo Index Of Maintenance & Renovations (CPD), a Web-based service that provides developers and contractors with a photographic index of their construction projects, has unveiled a new program geared to the needs of facility managers. The new service enables managers to document the condition of their facilities on an ongoing basis, as well as create a photographic record of any maintenance or renovation work done on their properties.

Documenting the condition of a property over time ensures the integrity of the property. Users can take photos from the same designated locations (marked on uploaded floor plans) so they have a consistent record of the same location being documented. This practice serves all parties involved in the maintenance/repair of the facility and creates a visual record that can help mitigate any disputes.

This service can help reduce exposure to defect claims while also providing a tool that helps to save time and increase the quality of a project. Using CPD’s software, facility managers can find a desired photo very quickly as the software provides an “X-ray” of the property.

In this program, facility managers are responsible for taking the photos. The facility manager provides CPD with a copy of the property’s complete floor plan, and CPD professionals then indicate the locations from where the photos should be taken.

All images are stored in chronological order on CPD’s Web platform for authenticity and security, and are accessible to any authorized viewer. CPD’s Web platform offers access to all stakeholders from wherever they might be located, and it offers special features, such as the ability to zoom in on a photo for more detail. Stakeholders can all see the same photo at once and communicate with each other.

The number of locations selected will depend on the package facility managers choose. After the photos are taken, facility managers transfer the photos to CPD, where company representatives will load the images onto the Web platform. At this point, all the photos are available for retrieval and viewing.


  1. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Under NSW law, all builders and pool builders are required to do 12 points worth of CPD activity per year to maintain a
    valid building licence. Other states, such as Victoria, strongly endorse CPD points and ongoing training.

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