New Service Spotlight: Remote Energy Management Service from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, recently introduced new features to its hosted energy management service, Remote Energy Management. Previously branded as EnergyView Online, Remote Energy Management is a hosted solution that enables users to save energy from anywhere and at any time. Scalable, cost-effective, and easy to deploy, Remote Energy Management makes energy management accessible and mobile to match today’s style of communications. It profiles energy usage and the carbon footprint in an organization’s facilities globally through energy analytics, identifies opportunities for energy efficiency, and sets a plan for improvements and to track the impacts. The service can assist facility managers (fms) with reducing costs, adhering to government regulations, and enabling fms to meet their environmental goals.

The latest version of Remote Energy Management includes: a launch page to view energy and sustainability information including a map view to allow insight to single or multiple sites; a customizable dashboard view to allow fms to view the information most important to them; and cost savings reporting to show where facilities can make adjustments that can save them money.

Additional features of Remote Energy Management allow fms to:

  • Profile energy use to better understand usage patterns, history, and costs for comparison and benchmarking across facilities
  • Uncover areas of improvement and set parameters for peak shaving, power factor correction, and energy control
  • Meet international standards for measurement and verification
  • Accurately estimate energy bills and assess what utility costs would be on different utility rates
  • Track and report on CO2 emissions and set emission targets
  • Set up alarm thresholds and receive alarms via email or cell
  • Monitor the consumption of water, gas, electricity, and steam