NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Updated Pump Selection Tool by Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett of Morton Grove, IL recently added a comprehensive update to its ESP-PLUS® online pump selection program.

The program updates were created after evaluating feedback from the program users, with upgrades that provide improved visuals and streamlined performance of the selection tool to ensure it remain easys to use for existing and new users.

This Bell & Gossett pump selection program provides a more comprehensive, user friendly, and web based selection tool targeted to engineers, consultants, designers, and end users and includes the following features:

  • Accurate three-curve algorithms
  • New icons with tool-tips will help users navigate the program
  • Flow, Head, Pump Speed, Pump Type
  • Metric (SI) and English Units of Measure
  • Option for Viscous Fluid Correction
  • Multiple Motor Selection Methods
  • Series Pump Selection and Graphing
  • Links to 2D and 3D CAD Drawings including Revit format
  • Variable Speed Operation
  • The program includes pump accessory sizing: Triple Duty Valves® and suction diffusers.
  • System Modeling with Life-Cycle Costing
  • Product Schedule for downloading or emailing

Facilities professionals can access the selection tool here. (Registration required.)