OASIS’ Bacteria Fighting FRESHIELD

Compound harnesses the antimicrobial power of natural silver on fountain, cooler, and bottle filler surfaces

FRESHIELD® from OASIS® International, provider of clean drinking water systems, is a proprietary compound that harnesses the natural antimicrobial properties of silver to form a bacteria fighting enhancement. It mixes with the plastic used to make molded surfaces and components on OASIS water fountains, water coolers, and even the bottle fillers that have increased in popularity in recent years as more people carry their own water containers rather than buy bottled.bacteria fighting

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for thousands of years. Coupled with antimicrobial copper, which OASIS offers on metal touchpoints, OASIS offers microbe-resistant products for a safer hydration experience through the power of nature.

In addition to promoting public health, FRESHIELD also helps OASIS units last longer. This special compound imbues plastic surfaces with the ability to better stand up to the degradation that typically accompanies wet environments like those found on water fountains and coolers. FRESHIELD fights against mold, discoloration, and even odors—all while it’s battling illness-causing bacterial strains.

“Healthy hydration is a pillar of our company,” said Jeff Chiarugi, CEO of OASIS. “For us, that means extending the principle beyond the purity of the water, which should be a given, to the delivery system itself. FRESHIELD provides additional layers of protection against microbes and germs so the public can use our products with confidence, and business owners can reduce lost time caused by illness.”

Bacteria fighting FRESHIELD is available on select OASIS products.