KeyWatcher & AssetWatcher Enhancements

Morse Watchmans adds touchless facial recognition option & antimicrobial powder coating to product lines

Morse Watchmans announced the introduction of new touchless facial recognition access and an antimicrobial powder coating on the company’s KeyWatcher® and AssetWatcher® systems. The new product enhancements fight the spread of microbes and bacteria to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic and other potential threats to personnel health. facial recognition access

“Getting personnel back to work is the most pressing issue organizations are faced with today,” said Tim Purpura, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “The addition of touchless facial recognition as a cabinet access option, along with antimicrobial powder coating now standard on all of our KeyWatcher and AssetWatcher cabinets, provides our customers with heightened protections.”

Antimicrobial powder coating is now a standard feature on all new KeyWatcher and AssetWatcher cabinets at no added cost. Designed to resist the spread of microbes, the new coating retains its highly effective antimicrobial properties through regular cleanings, while providing durability and scratch resistance.

A touchless facial recognition access option for KeyWatcher and AssetWatcher makes these systems even more secure while reducing the chance for cross-contamination and disease transmission. The new facial recognition access option will be available in Q3 of this year.

These enhancements join existing features of Morse Watchmans products that help safeguard health, including touchless proximity card access support and hospital-grade 304 stainless steel panel surfaces that resist corrosion and bacteria.

KeyWatcher is a scalable, integrated key control and management solution designed for interoperability with access control and other systems. Users decide who has permission to remove each key. The modular system allows for customized key storage cabinets with different modules for keys, access cards, laptops, and handheld devices, and the ability to change modules where and when necessary.

AssetWatcher is a line of RFID-enabled locker systems that allow users to secure and track valuable assets, supporting over 10,000 users on a single system. It tracks who removes and replaces each asset in the system, along with when assets were placed in or taken from a locker. RFID technology provides data on whether a specific asset is in the system, and if so, which locker it has been placed in. Three usage modes are available, allowing users to tailor AssetWatcher to precise needs.

“Integrating these new technologies into our product line is an important step we are taking to assure even greater cleanliness and health protection,” said Purpura.