Friday Funny: Welcome To The Dollhouse

Should your office be a home away from home? A new collection of office furniture inspired by the board game Monopoly takes the goal of a comfy, fun workplace to a new level.

Creating a comfortable, welcoming workplace has become a goal for many forward-thinking companies hoping to attract and retain skilled professionals in an increasingly competitive employment market. The growing popularity of the WELL Building Standard is proof: The evidence based and holistic standard focused on the health and wellness of people in buildings was first introduced in 2014 and a new version WELL v2 pilot was launched last year.

office furniture
The Hut Lounge Collection can be combined with other office furniture from the company – such as Office Ballz and Office Nap — to create a fun and flexible workplace.

With these workplace wellness goals in mind — and inspired by the board game Monopoly’s iconic square houses — Scandinavian Spaces, together with partner brand Götessons, have reimagined office furniture with the Hut Lounge Collection and accessories. The collection creates a playful dollhouse-like environment meant to inspire productivity and individual wellness.

The main piece in the collection, the Hut Lounge, creates a room within a room to give employees a comfortable home away from home. Other products in the line can be combined to create a sort of village within the workspace; the Free Bench, Square Bench, and different sized Huts can be combined to create an interactive furniture grouping. Everything is on casters, so employees can move the pieces around as needed.

The office-as-dollhouse fun doesn’t end with the Hut: The collection can be combined with other accessories from the company – such as Office Ballz and Office Nap. Office Ballz (which is, no surprise, a large ball) is an active, dynamic seating option that activates the user’s lower abdominal area with constant micro movements in order to strengthen core muscles. The Office Nap provides a place to rest up for the next big meeting or a comfy, cozy place to de-stress away from the busy office.