Outdoor Table and Bench with Light Option

Landscape Forms collaborated with Loll Designs for Harvest, a place to enjoy the outdoors

Harvest is the result of a partnership between Loll Designs and Landscape Forms to better people’s outdoor experiences. Together, the companies share a passion for design and cultures that value people, community, and the environment. The Harvest table and bench and accessory luminaire invite communal experiences, bringing friends, coworkers, and classmates together to enjoy the outdoors. A casual design signals it is a place to relax and share a meal, conversation, or work.table and bench

“We take our design partnerships seriously,” says Landscape Forms President Richard Heriford. “A collaboration like this allows us to bring new solutions to our clients and expose us to new opportunities.”

Harvest offers two generously sized tables that comfortably gather four people on each side in daylight or moonlight. The dining-height table measures 47¾” D x 94¾” W x 30¼” H and weighs 260 pounds. It is ADA compliant and offered with matching bench seating that measures 15¼” D x 94″ W x 18¾” H and weighs 90 pounds. The standing height table measures 36¾” D x 94¾” W x 40″ H and weighs 230 pounds.

table and benchThe Harvest table is constructed of extruded aluminum legs bolted to steel table top supports while the Harvest bench is constructed of extruded aluminum legs bolted to steel bench top supports. Table and bench leg glides are made of tough nylon to resist damage from dragging on rough surfaces. The table and bench top surfaces are made of Loll Designs’ 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sourced primarily from recycled milk jugs. They will not get too hot or cold and require low-to-no maintenance. All metal components are finished with Landscape Forms’ proprietary Pangard II® HAPS, VOC, and lead-free polyester powder-coat, a hard yet flexible finish that resists rusting, chipping, peeling, and fading.

The Harvest table and bench are available freestanding only and in four standard colors: charcoal, apple red, leaf green, and sunset orange. These vibrant options are blended into the plastic, not surface applied, and a UV-resistant compound is added to the pigment.table and bench

An optional light spanning table center sets the mood (think candlelight or campfire), expanding the table’s application into evening use. This integrated LED luminaire accessory has a color temperature of 3200K and comes in a 6″ height and a 14¼” height (measured from the table top surface to the top of the luminaire). The luminaire bolts to the Harvest table top support through the gap between the two HDPE table top panels. It is constructed of aluminum supports and housing and finished with Pangard II.

table and bench“The Harvest table reflects the best of our two companies,” says Landscape Forms Vice President of Design and Marketing Kirt Martin. “We share a passion for design and improving outdoor experiences for people.”

The table’s scale and casual, approachable design make it a natural gathering place for relaxing, working, and entertaining. “We don’t sit outside to be serious; we sit outside to enjoy the outdoors,” says Loll Designs CEO Greg Benson. “The Harvest table adds some fun to outdoor spaces.”