PUREClean Service Program Supports Reopening

Flagship Facility Services/Flagship aviation services helps fight COVID-19 and other viruses in facilities

Flagship Facility Services/Flagship Aviation Services introduced its new PUREClean™ service program. PUREClean was developed by Flagship’s facility services experts, drawing on their experience fighting recent pandemics: Ebola, SARS, and H1N1. This program’s four-pronged approach (refocus, disinfect, educate, and adapt) to protecting employees in their workplace, and the traveling public in airports, is designed to support full, partial, or staged reopening of businesses and states.Service Program

“Protecting the health and safety of all facility occupants continues to be our top priority,” said Todd Jacobs, President, Janitorial and Aviation Services for Flagship. “These types of challenges are not new to us—we’ve responded to COVID-19 by deploying our four-part program, PUREClean, a flexible approach that lets us adapt to our clients’ needs at any point in their recovery.”

REFOCUS: PUREClean realigns the facility services scope of work to focus on high-touch/high-impact areas. The shifting landscape of COVID-19 continues to confuse and challenge many business leaders. Even if you’re not yet scheduled to reopen, PUREClean’s refocus process can get you ready to welcome employees back by redefining your statement of work (SOW) to concentrate on the highest impact areas of your facility.

DISINFECT: Pre-COVID-19, disinfection typically focused on restroom areas. That is simply not the case any longer. This service program recognizes this shift and includes a multi-step disinfection methodology that is applied throughout the facility—wherever employees and guests spend their workdays. PUREClean’s disinfection processes use high-performance commercial equipment and EPA-approved chemicals to remove, capture, or destroy viruses like COVID-19 and the flu while driving process change to reduce transmission opportunities

EDUCATE: PUREClean has taken lessons learned and created educational materials that are easily sharable, containing the most helpful information to educate facility occupants on their role in keeping their workplace safe.

ADAPT: PUREClean provides an adaptable scope of work and staffing plans that stay aligned to facility operations at any stage of post-COVID-19 recovery. The ability to change and be fluid during this time of uncertainty is key. If onsite staff expands/contracts to answer this and future pandemic challenges, your SOW will keep pace – ensuring that PUREClean’s service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and effort is applied in areas that have the most critical impact.

Whether a facility has been fully operational or partially shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, PUREClean provides the roadmap to support employees’ ongoing health and wellness now and post-COVID 19.

“COVID-19 has changed the landscape and delivery of facility services,” said Dave Pasek, Flagship’s founder and CEO. “Flagship has always had a holistic view of our clients’ facilities and their employees’ health and safety needs. PUREClean is an extension of that view—innovating our service delivery so that every facility can be fully trusted by the people that rely upon it—whether it’s a Class A campus or a sprawling international airport terminal.”