QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Managing Shared Meeting Spaces

This Question of the Week comes from the IFMA Group on LinkedIn.

The need for meeting space and last minute cancellations or unavailable conference rooms (when these spaces are supposed to be available) has always been a conflict in our facility. Has anyone come up with a system that can address this problem?

Knut Swee
Senior Facilities Planner
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

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  1. I think best thing is to have required numbers of a mix of small and big meeting rooms so that it is available even at a short notice. Have a systematic grading for these meeting rooms like facilities available so that people can plan their meetings depending on requirements rather than getting into queue. Insist on pre booking as this will share the load and also restrict the meeting timing with flexibility to increase it later. Time keeping for starting/finishing of meeting is also necessary as this will keep everybody follow the rule. Allow space for a breakout area which will serve the purpose of tea breaks as well as informal meeting incase of requirement. Hence planning is must for smooth operations of common meeting rooms.

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