Remotely Control Safety Gate Models

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates adds options such as pneumatic operation for Pivot and Open-Top

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc., designer and manufacturer of industrial safety gates that provide fall protection for employees in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, announced it has added new ways to remotely control its safety gate models. To ensure the safety gates can integrate with the increasing amount of technology used in industrial facilities and ensure productivity is at high levels, the company now offers additional tools, including pneumatic system configurations for its Pivot and Open-Top safety gate models.

safety gateBecause automation is prevalent in most industrial facilities today, there is a growing demand for the ability to remotely control safety gate operation. In many facilities, an AGV (automated guided vehicle) handles pallet operations or the lift truck driver is the same person that will access the material on the platform; with no one on the mezzanine while the material is loaded, power operation and technology aids in remotely opening and closing the safety gate from the lower level, speeding the process and increasing productivity.

“Many of our customers have been asking us to look at ways we could help them to control the safety gate remotely, rather than traditional manual operation, in order to save time in pallet applications. We’ve found a number of technologies that can be used with our safety gates and meet our customer requirements,” said Aaron Conway, president of Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. “We’ve also adapted two of our safety gate designs for pneumatic operation so our customers can tap into their existing compressed air systems to power our safety gates instead of adding electric motors. Our team works closely with customers to create efficient solutions that provide safety and maintain safe environments for employees.”

Pneumatics provide a safe way to operate some safety gate designs, utilizing existing compressed air systems without the need for electrical configuration. When added to the Pivot or Open Top safety gate models, pneumatic operation coupled with technology can save time and provide efficiencies in applications in which AGVs or lift trucks are transferring material to and from upper levels.

Remote operation of the safety gates also lessens the physical movement required of employees working around the pallet. With power operation, the safety gates are even easier to use, lessening the physical strain on employees and making the gates an ergonomic solution that anyone can operate.

Commercial electric motors are also available for the company’s full line of safety gate models, including Rack Supported designs. A range of controls and sensors can be integrated with any power option so that when the ledge gate is up, sensors send information to an AGV or fork-lift, telling it to load material to the pallet drop area. After the pallets are loaded, the sensors from the vehicle send a signal to the safety gate to close the ledge gate so employees can work with the material. Safety gates can also be equipped with technology that can communicate with software systems and tools to track a variety of metrics as material moves through the safety gates in the facility.

The dual, counterbalanced gate systems offered by Mezzanine Safeti-Gates creates controlled access areas that meet the ANSI standard requirements for pallet drop areas, as well as OSHA and IBC fall protection requirements. All safety gate designs are available in single and double wide pallet widths, and customized to accommodate specific pallet widths, depths, and heights. All models, including safety gates for the loading dock and lifts, are available in powder-coated mild steel or electro-polished stainless steel.