Restroom Fixtures Donated To Children’s Facility In LA

Sloan, a manufacturer of the commercial plumbing systems, has announced a donation made in conjunction with Falcon Waterfree Technologies to the Orthopaedic Institute for Children, located in Los Angeles, CA. A major benefit of this donation will be water conservation at this healthcare facility.

Sloan’s water conserving fixtures will be installed in every restroom at the hospital with a value of $25,000, including 40 low-flow faucets, 16 high-efficiency toilets, and 15 waterfree urinals.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies is a Los Angeles based company focused on developing technology-driven restroom products that conserve the fresh water supply and using the power of its business and products to help solve local, social, and environmental problems.

“As a B Corporation, we could not be more excited about giving back to our community and as a water conservation technology company; we are thrilled to be assisting such an amazing institute in Los Angeles save water during this ongoing drought,” stated president and CEO of Falcon, Simon Davis. “Together, with Sloan, we are enabling an establishment essential to our community to reach water conservation goals that are imperative during this drought.”

“Sloan is proud to work with companies like Falcon Waterfree Technologies that share our passion for a sustainability to bring smart, cost-saving restroom products to the Orthopaedic Institute for Children,” said Parthiv Amin, vice president of marketing, Sloan. “We appreciate the value the institute brings to our community, and it is critical we raise awareness and commitment to the water conservation effort for our children and our children’s children.”