Revolution Lighting Awarded Multi-Million Multi-Family Project

As part of its recent multi-family project awards, this LED provider builds on previous lighting contract awards with Billingsley Construction in Texas.

Revolution Lighting Technologies, a provider of advanced LED lighting technology solutions, recently announced that its division, Value Lighting, recently secured several lighting contracts totaling $5.2 million. As part of the Company’s recent multi-family project awards, Revolution Lighting builds on previous lighting contract awards with Billingsley Construction, to provide lighting solutions for its latest project, Sloane Street, located in Carrollton, TX.

Sloane Street multi-family project planned in Carrollton, TX.

The Sloane Street multi-family project consists of approximately 85% LED lighting solutions to be installed throughout apartment units, corridors, common areas, and exterior locations, including exits and site lighting.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with Billingsley Construction, and their latest multi-family project, Sloan Street,” said Robert V. LaPenta, CEO and Chairman of Revolution Lighting. “Our recent large multi-family contract awards, as part of our overall multi-family development throughout the U.S., showcases Revolution Lighting’s strong national footprint to successfully partner with owners and developers to deliver high quality, high efficiency and value oriented lighting solutions.”

multi-familyIn 2016, a new supply of multi-family units entered the market at levels not seen since the 1980s, and the sector is expected to experience robust growth throughout 2017 and beyond, signaling continued lighting opportunities for Revolution Lighting as it is positioned with operations in Texas, Georgia, Washington D.C., Arizona, and California.

Over the past year, Revolution Lighting has seen the usage of LED lighting throughout multi-family increase from 5% to over 40%, and believes this trend will continue as developers and property managers look to reduce energy and maintenance expenses, while increasing the quality of lighting throughout their facilities.