Safety, Construction Training Minimizes Injuries, Saves Lives

BZI's SteelTech Academy safety and construction training and continuing education program improves job site safety, team performance, team member satisfaction.

An exclusive training program by Building Zone Industries, LLC, (BZI) is having a positive impact on safety and career advancement for its graduates and is gaining recognition as a valuable training resource from other companies in the construction industry, according to the company. The SteelTech Academy, LLC training institute’s instructional and safety programs have resulted in more than 4,800 certifications since Utah-based BZI launched them in 2019.

Construction has the highest number of fatal work injuries of any industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We identified some of the top industry training areas, that if addressed by our SteelTech Academy, could help avert catastrophic outcomes, reduce injury and improve team efficiencies,” said James Barlow, CEO at BZI. “Our approach with SteelTech Academy is unique in our industry and it’s rewarding to witness the positive outcomes resulting from our specialized training.”

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BZI’s SteelTech Academy, LLC graduates gather before their shift to discuss safety protocols associated with the day’s projects on a BZI job site. SteelTech Academy’s two-week construction safety, training and continuing education programs have resulted in more than 4,800 certifications since opening its doors in 2019. (Photo: BZI)

BZI’s SteelTech Academy, led by Chief Safety & Quality Control Officer Justin Barlow, provides in-depth training of advanced technical skills and safety processes, as well as how to best operate as an efficient and safe team. All BZI team members attend the two-week training, safety and education program. SteelTech Academy’s curriculum offers OSHA-authorized instructors, classes, hands-on instruction, on-site training and certifications covering such subjects as:

  • Safe Welding
  • Fire Watch Safety
  • Working with Steel
  • Personal Health/Safety/Zero Substance Abuse
  • Preparing the Job Site
  • Equipment Operation
  • Team Safety Culture
  • Safe Operations of BZI Equipment Innovations

Many BZI team members and those from other construction companies also attend continuing education and certification processes provided by the organization. In addition, other industry groups are consulting with BZI to apply the academy’s innovative teaching and systems to their own organizations.

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“We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of the BZI SteelTech Academy training that we sent our own team to be trained by the BZI instructors,” said Kevin Steed, Project Manager of KRS Electric. “We’ve partnered with BZI on numerous work sites and have witnessed the positive impact of the company’s training programs firsthand. We want to ensure our team members have access to the same quality of training.”

The SteelTech Academy training is having an injury reducing and lifesaving impact and has helped to bring BZI safety numbers (TRIR) to a margin lower than the industry average. Team members add that the safety culture at the company lives on beyond SteelTech Academy.

“We communicate and apply the teachings and safe practices learned at the SteelTech Academy constantly and every day on every job site across the country,” said Neva Hurley, Quality and Safety Manager at BZI and SteelTech Academy graduate. “SteelTech Academy ensures our entire team uses consistent methods for safety and that we have the tools and information we need to proactively address potentially dangerous scenarios before they become safety issues.”

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