Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Commercial Properties

Thinking about maintaining your commercial property seasonally provides an effective blueprint for keeping your property looking good.

By Cornelio Heinrichs

Maintaining a commercial property takes a lot of work, but one great way to simplify upkeep is by thinking seasonally. Instead of starting each spring with an overwhelming list of projects, you could divvy up the chores by the calendar. This means you’ll have a smaller, more manageable list of tasks for each season, as well as an effective blueprint for keeping your property looking good.

Learning to Manage Maintenance Seasonally

So, how can you start thinking seasonally about commercial property maintenance? Begin by considering the various times of year and what tasks are best suited to them.

Spring is the time to clear your landscaping of dead foliage and debris, clean your building’s windows and blast dirt from sidewalks and other hardscapes. You also might need to repair any damage caused by winter weather.

With its long days and warm temperatures, summer is a good time to check your HVAC system, clean the gutters, inspect for pests and slap a fresh coat of paint on exterior surfaces.

In fall, it’s important to keep up with the deluge of leaves and prep for winter by checking your heating system, inspecting the roof and insulating pipes.

Winter, of course, is the season of snow and ice removal — particularly for commercial property owners. It’s also a good time to place hand sanitizer in offices and lobbies to limit the spread of germs. And don’t overlook the impact of a good doormat. It can keep your floors free of salt and melted snow.

Getting Organized With Your Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Deciding when to handle which tasks can help you feel on top of those never-ending chores instead of buried by them. Use the infographic below to break down tasks by season and create a maintenance schedule for your commercial property. By strategically working your way through the seasons, you can rest easy knowing that your property maintenance is finally under control.

seasonal maintenance tipsseasonal maintenance tipsCornelio Heinrichs is a customer service representative and product specialist for Sweep-All, which is dedicated to helping customers with turf care management. Sweep-All provides solutions for fast and easy turf debris clean-up while reducing labor time and cost with a premium line of turf sweepers that also dethatch lawns. Heinrichs has three years of experience in the industry and focuses on customer satisfaction along with product expertise.


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  4. Commercial property needs regular maintenance to withstand seasonal fluctuations. The condition of the property should be inspected regularly and damages done to it needs to be repaired immediately to keep the property unaltered. Besides, property management professionals should be hired for the maintenance and management of the concerned property. Such professionals have a lot of experience in this subject and could do their best to keep the property safe from seasonal fluctuations.

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