ServiceNow Safe Workplace App Suite

The four new apps and dashboard are designed to help companies handle the essential steps for returning employees safely to the workplace

ServiceNow, a digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, has expanded its employee workflow portfolio with ServiceNow Safe Workplace. Powered by the Now Platform, this suite includes four new apps and a dashboard designed to help companies manage the essential steps for returning employees to the workplace and to support everyone’s health and safety.

safe workplace“Let’s get the world healthy, safe, and back to the workplace,” said Bill McDermott, ServiceNow CEO. “ServiceNow is helping companies manage the complex workflows required to keep employees healthy and workplaces safe. The ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite and dashboard are engineered to make returning to the workplace work for everyone.”

ServiceNow Safe Workplace includes the following apps:

  • Employee Readiness Surveys: Helps organizations gauge their workforce’s level of preparedness to return to the workplace by presenting and capturing employee responses to a series of questions that address employees’ personal readiness for, and level of interest in, returning to the workplace. Based on employee responses, employers can determine the necessary and appropriate steps to help ensure a smooth and safe re‑entry for employees.
  • Employee Health Screening: Enables companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with entry requirements, such as temperature check and personal protective equipment (PPE), allowing employers to determine if it’s safe for the employee to enter the workplace. The app also provides a reporting dashboard to view trends by sites and record the return of employees into their facilities.
  • Workplace Safety Management: Allows facilities and workplace services managers to configure clean and hygienic, socially distanced workspaces so that employees can safely return to the workplace. The app lets managers assign shifts so that employees occupy these workspaces for a specific amount of time and configure cleaning schedules at the end of each shift. Out‑of‑the‑box reports and dashboards give managers a real‑time view of both workspace reservations and reservation thresholds across floors, buildings, and sites. Workplace managers also have a real‑time view of all cleaning task status, including a full audit trail history.
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management: Helps organizations manage and monitor their personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory needs to ensure the physical safety of their workforce. The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of inventory by facility, as well as an aggregate look at the entire workplace and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real‑time inventory management.

Using the power of the Now Platform, ServiceNow pulls together all of the data collected by these apps into a single view with its Safe Workplace Dashboard. Available at no charge, the dashboard provides visualizations for data collected by these apps, and will be overlaid with a map using aggregated public data on infection rates. This enables organizations to see what infections look like geographically and drill down into specific workplace locations. Sites are marked with indicators flagging a company’s ability to open and remain open based on workforce and workplace readiness.

Returning employees to the workplace requires careful planning, execution, and agility on the part of organizations. Business functions across the enterprise—from IT and HR to Workplace Services and Legal—must work together seamlessly to create a safe and productive experience for all employees, whether they return to the workplace or continue to work from home. These are workflow problems. Complex, cross‑functional workflows are critical to providing employees the services and experiences needed to do their jobs no matter where they are.