Sielox Pinnacle Access Control Management

The Sielox Pinnacle® v.10 by Sielox LLC includes more than 30 upgrades designed to help users improve access control management. An updated version of the Sielox 1700 Controller is also available; it features additional integrations with various AD and NDE locks.access control management

The Pinnacle access control management solution offers greater control over facility security. Configurations can be made for a small office, a facility, or across a campus with a multitude of access points. Pinnacle is available in several configurations to match an organization’s evolving needs: Pinnacle Lite, Standard, Plus, and Professional.

Notable enhancements of the Sielox Pinnacle v.10 access control management platform include:

New Look and Feel – In addition to a new cover, splash screen, icons, and color scheme, a re-sized screen layout accommodates wider monitors.

Microsoft Support – Pinnacle v.10 is compatible with the latest operating systems (e.g., Windows 10) and packaged with SQL Express 2008 R2 and SQL Express Management Studio.

Two-Man Rule – Two-man rule has been moved to the controller for decisions (no longer server-based) and is available for both hardwired and wireless locks.

Privilege Access Levels / Reports – Pinnacle v.10 has up to 16 privilege levels for responders during lockdown, reader block, and hard anti-passback. Status has been added to the report template.

Data Sharing – Users can share manual additions of new cardholders to partitions. This capability has been added to the automated database imports from Pinnacle Data Exchange.

Programming – New conveniences include time zone summaries, 1700 Controller programming, property configuration in Pinnacle or 1700 web page, and daily reboot capability for main controller properties. Users can also now lock down any door—both hardwired and wireless—as well as restrict access privilege to card holders only.

Integration – Pinnacle v.10 provides integrated biometrics capability with multiple clients. Upgraded integrations with Easy Lobby visitor management and Otis, Thyssen Krupp, and Schindler elevator systems are offered as well.

Upgrades to the Pinnacle 1700 Controller include additional home page information; increased support and functionality for Allegion Engage NDE locks, AD 300/400 locks, AD mortice deadbolt, and AD lock privacy mode; and real time monitoring of door status switch for door held open too long. Linking and unlinking AD and NDE locks is through the 1700 web interface. Memory card information now provides actual file size. It also features improved network and RS-485 communication.