Siemens Works With Georgia Tech To Provide Face Shields

And through partnership with local manufacturers EIS-Fabrico and Underwood Mold Company, what began as a concept two weeks ago with production of 10 face shields expected to reach 100,000 over the next month.

In this post on his company’s website, Barry Powell, vice president of Siemens Low Voltage Products, describes how Siemens helps Atlanta hospitals fight COVID-19.

As hospitals and healthcare providers continue to express need for protective equipment to fight the spread of COVID-19, Siemens, in coordination with Georgia Tech and local manufacturers in metro-Atlanta, has stepped up to the challenge. Through partnership with local manufacturers EIS-Fabrico and Underwood Mold Company, we’ve organized a full-scale production network that will manufacture 25,000 new face shields a week for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to supply to hospitals across the state in need.

face shields
Photo: Siemens

The project began with the leadership of Dr. Chris Saldana and a team of faculty and students at Georgia Tech’s George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. Leveraging the school’s Flowers Invention Studio and Montgomery Machining Mall, they produced a face shield design that protects clinicians against harmful splashes while also extending the life of soft respirators that filter out virus particles.

That’s where Siemens came in. We reached out to the Georgia Tech team to see how we could help, and it became quickly clear that we could open our Atlanta manufacturing network to rapidly scale production of the Georgia Tech design.

Within hours, we had transferred Georgia Tech’s design to local laser cutting firms, coordinated material procurement and logistics with Georgia Tech, and funded production of 5,000 laser cut face shields (and counting). Each of these face shields were delivered to Emory Healthcare in late March.

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