Thermal-Sensing Touchless Time Clocks

New version of SmartLinx intelligent time clocks help mitigate the spread of infection by detecting fevers

SmartLinx—a provider of workforce management solutions for post-acute care and senior living organizations—introduced SmartLinx Thermal-Sensing Touchless Time Clocks. As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to helping senior care operators navigate today’s workforce challenges, especially those stemming from the COVID-19 crisis, the new time clocks help stop germs in their tracks by detecting fevers before employees start work.

thermal-sensingEmployees present a unique QR code they generated on the SmartLinx Go app on their mobile devices. Building on SmartLinx’s recently launched Touchless Time Clock, a thermal sensor automatically takes the temperatures of employees standing in front of the time clock, even if they are wearing masks. Once the temperature is detected, the time clock reads the QR code and aligns the recorded temperature with the employee ID and punch type. The clocks help mitigate the spread of germs, as employees are no longer required to physically interact with a high-touch device.

The state-of-the-art time and attendance system also streamlines the process of punching in and out of work. Employees can clock in and out six times faster than they can on traditional digital time clocks, which require scanning fingerprints or inputting access codes. This system thereby reduces long lines at the clock during shift changes, making easier for employees to social distance.

“SmartLinx’s innovative SmartLinx Go app enables employees to access their personal information on their own devices. The recent enhancements facilitate touchless communication with the time clock that will enable our staff to clock in and out without risking the transmission of diseases through contaminated hands. Our healthcare heroes deserve everything we can do to protect them. We are thrilled SmartLinx is making this innovation available,” said Nancy Stoddard, Vice President of IT at The New Jewish Home.

SmartLinx Thermal-Sensing Touchless Time Clocks enable employees to submit PTO requests, view messages, access schedules, answer interactive questions, and review punch history.

“At SmartLinx, we’re working with our clients closely to monitor and support ever-evolving health and safety guidelines. We’re proud to continue helping long-term and post-acute care facilities protect both their residents and employees from infection,” said SmartLinx CEO Marina Aslanyan. “We’re also committed to enhancing and expanding the workforce management capabilities they need to deliver the best care possible for their residents and families, while also streamlining and improving the efficiency of their workforce operations.”


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