THROWBACK THURSDAY: Restrooms In Times Square For The Holidays

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Charmin's Time Square Restrooms, 2011
Charmin’s Time Square Restrooms, 2011

Originally published on 11/26/08, this story is part of FacilityBlog’s Throwback Thursday offering. There is currently no news of a 2014 Charmin restroom Time Square location.

If you’ve ever walked around Times Square in New York City during the holidays, you’ll know that what’s really weird is that it’s often difficult to find a clean restroom. In 2010, Charmin placed 20 deluxe stalls in the heart of this tourist area to make it a little easier for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

The company stepped it up by adding tuxedo-clad attendants and flat screen televisions. There was also a second-floor Duracell “Power Lodge” where visitors could recharge their portable electronic devices.

The Charmin Restrooms were open through the end of the year (except for Christmas Day) and closed up shop at 2am on New Year’s Day–two hours after the New Year’s Eve revelers watched the famed New Year’s Eve Ball drop.

Visitors could even commemorate their visit to the Charmin Restrooms by having their picture taken. While I’m not sure if this is really the type of venue many people would want to have their photos taken at, the company was offering free downloads of the photos at its Web site. Regardless, it was great publicity for Charmin AND Duracell. It’s too bad the companies have discontinued the tradition during these difficult times.