Tide® Professional Coldwater Laundry System by P&G Professional

laundryOn-premise laundry operations account for 16 percent of a hotel’s water usage, second only to guest rooms, and require significant energy resources, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1. With the drought ongoing in many U.S. states, reducing the amount of water and energy used continues to be at the top of many hotel facility managers’ minds. Whether they need to meet government-instituted utility reductions, are looking to reduce overall consumption of natural resources, or want to lower overall operational costs, hotel operators need a laundry solution that helps them achieve these goals without sacrificing the quality of their linens.

Recognized as a 2015 Silver Edison Green Award™ winner for its water and energy saving capabilities, the Tide® Professional Coldwater Laundry System, an on-premise laundry program by P&G ProfessionalTM enables facilities to reduce the water used in a commercial washer by up to 40 percent2 and the energy needed to heat the water in a commercial washer by as much as 75 percent3, which can help hotels save as much as $8,700 per year4 (for a 150-room hotel) based on water, energy, and linen replacement cost savings. Tide Professional Coldwater has an advanced formula that uses unique enzymes, specially designed for lower wash temperatures, which help effectively break down stains without the need for higher water temperatures.

“As a hotel operator in California, it’s incumbent on all of us to work together to try and conserve water wherever possible,” said Alan Hurd, Director of Operations, Pacifica Hotels. “We look for every opportunity we can, and the Tide Professional Coldwater System lets us reduce the amount of loads, wash cycles, and rinse cycles that we use, thereby, conserving a substantial amount of water at each hotel every year. When you combine that across 35 hotels in our portfolio, it’s a significant dent in helping California meet its water conservation mandates.”

The Tide Professional Coldwater System includes four products – a near-neutral pH coldwater detergent, Downy fabric softener, bleach and whiteness enhancer – all formulated to work together to deliver clean, soft linens and towels while using significantly less water at colder temperatures than traditional on-premise laundry systems. The system’s near-neutral pH formula and added Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer also protects fabric integrity to keep linens looking newer longer to help reduce linen replacement costs by up to 15 percent5.

“All of our customers, no matter where they operate, can benefit from on-premise laundry solutions that reduce the water and energy needed to effectively clean their linens and towels,” said Paul Edmondson, Commercial Director, P&G Professional. “We’re very proud of the fact that more than 24 million guests have slept on linens washed in the Tide Professional Coldwater system to date and we’ve enabled those hotels the ability to provide customers with the experience they expect and deserve, while also saving natural resources and reducing operational costs.”

1 EPA Saving Water in Hotels

2 Up to 40% water savings – When you switch to the Tide® Professional Coldwater System from a standard hot system. For guest room linens only. Applies to water used in your washing machine only.

3 Up to 75% energy savings – When you switch to the Tide® Professional Coldwater System from a standard hot system. For guest room linens only. Applies to energy used to heat water in your washing machine only.

4 Up to $8,700 bottom line savings – Annual savings based on switching from a standard alkaline system to the Tide® Professional Coldwater System. Assume U.S. national average commercial water and gas costs according to Black & Veatch 2012/2013 report “50 Largest Cities Water/Wastewater Rate Survey” and the American Gas Association 2012 “Energy Industry Analyses and Statistics.” Must have fully programmable washing machines to qualify for savings. Linen savings based on a 50-cycle test vs. the leading alkaline system. Savings assumes the standard competitive system is priced parity with Tide® Professional Everyday system (Tide® Detergent, Clorox and Downy) and uses linen replacement cost data based on a study among Hospitality key decision makers in April 2014.

5 Up to 15% linen savings vs. leading alkaline system in 50-cycle test.