Tyco Security Cyber Protection Resources Available

The company offers advisories through its Cyber Protection Program that employs a holistic approach to cyber security for physical security products.

Tyco Security Products’ Cyber Protection Team offers security advisories that facility executives and their fellow stakeholders can access to understand and evaluate risks associated with physical security products and cyber threats. Created from decades of providing critical solutions to the United States government and other multi-national customers, Tyco Security Products’ Cyber Protection Program is one of the industry’s first programs to offer a holistic approach to cyber security for physical security products.cyber security

The multifaceted program provides insight into cyber security for physical security. The six-part approach of the program includes:

  1. Secure product development practices
  2. Inclusive protection
  3. Configuration guidelines
  4. Rigorous testing
  5. Rapid response
  6. Educate and advocate

Facility management executives can register to receive cyber security related advisories from Tyco Security Products. Those who register can also:

  • Access current and past security advisories
  • Receive automatic alerts when a security advisory is issued for the company’s Software House, American Dynamics, and Illustra products
  • View compliance guidelines to configure physical security systems to meet North American Reliability Council (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards and Defense Information Systems Agency hardening requirements

Regardless of regisration on the site, interested parties can download a cyber protection program guide from Tyco Security Products by visiting this link.