Urben Technologies Launches Updated AV Frames

The new modular design of the AV frames is a move to help companies and enterprises quickly roll out global framing standards.

UrbenUrben Technologies redesigned their popular Single, Mobi, Dual, and Triple frames. Standard Solutions offers enterprises readily available modular meeting room frames in large volumes, built on their U.S. manufacturing site in Austin, TX that can be customized and installed globally within days.

Urben combines world-class hardware and software into all-in-one solutions that eliminate the complications and cost of traditional AV approaches. With the tech sorted in a flash, you’ll have more time to enjoy your ideal environment. Frames come in any color or texture to ensure your Urben truly works for the enviornment.

The Urben Single can be a powerful touchscreen solution that can be used in larger huddle spaces or as the ultimate collaborative companion in a Dual or Trio screen environment. No wall-fixings or floor-mounting; our Single and Dual screen solutions can be totally freestanding, making them the ultimate flexible meeting room solution. Pop them anywhere, and move them when and where you need them.

The innovative new design enables Urben to assemble immediately from stock, and pre-configure to the required screen height and size as well as camera type and position, in a move that provides the industry with a brand-new approach to meeting space creation.

Benefits of the Urben Standard Solutions are:

• Configured and onsite in 2-3 days, not 12-14 weeks
• Customizable and technology agnostic
• Options for fully bundled and pre-wired, or frame only

All of our solutions are fully customizable, from the frame and panel colors to the technology inside. Choosing an Urben gives you the ability to create your perfect set up without compromise.

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