Versteel Launches Five New Products To Support Healthy Space

Designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Versteel’s Healthy Spaces range of customizable products help reimagine how we work, learn, and live.

Versteel has released five new products that offer safety and adaptability in a time of continued uncertainty. Demonstrating trademark adaptability and nimbleness in design, development and production, Versteel pivoted to create these new, safety-forward products in a matter of months.

Versteel’s design team considered challenges and concerns presented by the current health pandemic, and ultimately produced a range of customizable products to help reimagine how we work, learn, and live.

“Versteel’s new range of Healthy Spaces product is incredibly versatile, encouraging flexibility that keeps people at the forefront,” said Versteel President Scott Schwinghammer. “Our team saw an essential need across all industries and sectors for products that are health-centered. Not only do these products create delineation and safety, the materials used are also highly cleanable, providing resilience against the toughest disinfectants while offering antimicrobial options.”

Versteel’s Healthy Spaces products include:

Acrylic Privacy Panels. healthy spacesOffering adaptability in today’s evolving workplace, the Acrylic Privacy Panels delineate space while creating a sense of solitude. Constructed with frosted or clear acrylic screens, the easily attachable mounts allow users to create individualized  workspaces. Designed with compatibility in mind, the Acrylic Privacy Panels accommodate rectangular tops up to 30” wide and 72” long for an immediate or long-lasting solution.

Acrylic Privacy Shields. healthy spacesAcrylic Privacy Shields serve as portable dividers that can tackle the demands of today’s communal environment. Free from attaching hardware and built with a lightweight design, these shields can be reconfigured as needs change. Maintain peace of mind with materials that are proven safe and hygienic: both the acrylic screen and Corian base inhibit microbial growth and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Freestanding Privacy Screens. VersteelFreestanding Privacy Screens support productive, safe environments by providing adequate physical separation, allowing users to prepare for the evolution of space with minimal impact to an existing floor plan. Place in open-plan offices, meeting rooms, waiting areas, dining locations and more. Various design choices blend well with surrounding aesthetics. An over-table extension offers additional separation in linking configurations.

Mobile Privacy Screens. healthy spacesIdeal for multifunctional layouts, Mobile Privacy Screens are adaptable and can be easily moved to support division, privacy and safety. With a selection of five base styles, each style offers two variations: Quad (four casters) for wider spaces and Tri (three casters) for a slim fit between adjacent tables. Screen choices include frosted acrylic or powder-coated metal (which is naturally magnetic).

OH! Acrylic Privacy Screens. VersteelThe OH! Privacy Screens are an addition to Versteel’s existing OH! product line designed by Roberto Lucci and create visual and physical privacy while also enhancing the overall design of the space. The acrylic and metal offerings are durable, cleanable and sophisticated. Choose from two heights: 72” and 62” and two shapes: round and oval. The metal frame is available in a variety of Versteel powder coats.

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