Webinar: Streamline, Simplify Workplace Access For Employees, Visitors

View this free video webinar and learn about common workplace access control challenges, cyber and physical access, and physical security system requirements.

Workplace AccessFor seamless, simplified workplace access, we must flip our focus from the physical perimeter of the workplace to controlling the access of the identity.

Some people work from home, some travel constantly to different facilities within their own company, and others are in multiple facilities across multiple companies. Your identity defines where you can go, what you can do, and what you can log in to.

View this free video webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The most common access control challenges facilities professionals face that prevent streamlined identity management at many organizations.
  • How to unify identity management across both cyber and physical access in one place for maximum efficiency.
  • What are the physical security system requirements to digitally transform the workplace access experience across cloud and mobile.

A video of the presentation, “How To Streamline And Simplify Workplace Access For Employees And Visitors” — sponsored by HID and brought to you by Facility Executive — is now available.

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How To Streamline And Simplify Workplace Access For Employees And Visitors