Are unsightly garbage cans junking up your visual landscape? You can now camouflage your cans by dressing them up in an attractive covering!

That’s the concept behind Can Clothing, invented by Boris Saynov of Rosedale, NY. Designed for outside garbage and recycling bins, Can Clothing lends a “stylish” appearance to refuse cans.

Can Clothing is fashioned from a heavy duty plastic, canvas, or waterproof vinyl material and is offered in various shapes including circular, rectangular, and square in order to accommodate the variety of trash/garbage cans. They work equally well for business or industrial containers.

To facilitate security of the units, the perimeter of each Can Clothing is lined with high tensile elastic or bungee cord to fit snugly around the opening of the container. Strips of the hook and loop fasteners commonly known as Velcro® are integrally attached to further secure the Can Clothing to the handles of the trash bin. The Can Clothing line is offered numerous motifs from illustrated leaves for Autumn, holiday themes and even spring and summer flowers.

Boris Saynov explains, “Can Clothing is an easy way to make an outside space more pleasing. It is easy to install and easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Can Clothing is machine washable and can be used for long term repeated use.”