WorkMax Resource Management by AboutTime

WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies is cloud-based resource management software that provides necessary information for local or remote workforces. It delivers real-time visual business intelligence with performance measurement, service scheduling, and dispatch alongside timekeeping, asset management, and electronic forms.resource management

The WorkMax suite includes FORMS, TIME, ASSETS, SERVICE, and INSIGHT. This modular, web-based, fully expandable platform of tools connects teams and manages mobile, remote, and stationary resources. Modules can be purchased individually or as a suite and businesses can vary user counts per solution. Users plug in modules to create the solution geared for current and future business needs.

resource managementWorkMax FORMS allows businesses to capture and share rich mobile form information, including digital signatures, calculations, photo, video, and audio. Users can create and deploy electronic forms and control who has access to which forms. All forms are organized in the WorkMax ControlCenter. Known data can be auto-populated into certain fields, and choices or dropdowns can be added as can context, tables, conditions, and additional form events that trigger new forms based on responses. Further, WorkMax does not charge per form; users can create and submit an unlimited number.

resource managementTIME is a modern employee tracking solution with the flexibility to track an entire workforce from any device at anytime. Users can capture employee and job/project time electronically to gain data for paychecks, invoices, and job costing analysis. Additionally, time stamps stream in as they are logged so users can manage their workforce and labor as it happens.

WorkMax ASSET tracks assets and equipment for resource management. It helps keep track of usage, location, and assignment, while eliminating loss. Users can check in, check out, and assign assets to locations, employees, and projects. Assets can include small tools, large equipment, and electronic devices.

The WorkMax field SERVICE management software allows users to manage the creation, assignment, execution, and closure of service tickets across teams. It enables users to manage field service techs and the corresponding field activities for all service models—product break/fix, systems repair, infrastructure, and recurring or preventive maintenance. SmartSchedule automatically suggests the best people for the job by skill, availability, and GPS locale. In addition, a mobile interface updates the dispatch board in real-time.

INSIGHT provides complete visibility across teams and resources. A live summary map shows real-time information on operations, projects, workforce, and assets to better understand resource management. Users can also see where the workforce is and who is working on what with up-to-date labor metrics; the location of tools, equipment, and assets with information on who has them and how they are being used; and labor and unit budgets that update productivity automatically.