Workplace And Healthcare The Focus Of ThoughtWire Operations Applications

The company's Smart Building and Smart Hospital Operations Performance Management suites expand upon its IoT platform capabilities for those environments.

Earlier in 2018, ThoughtWire, a technology company that provides an application platform for enterprise and cloud applications, announced the availability of five new applications, spanning across two industries. These applications for Smart Building and Smart Hospital Operations Performance Management suites expand upon the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform capabilities to provide vertical-specific solutions aimed at helping facility management and other stakeholders gain greater visibility and more automated management of their operations.

As many organizations grapple with complex workflows, siloed data sources, lack of relevant data, absence of predictive analytics, and a fundamental lack of a people-centric approach, ThoughtWire’s application suites are aimed at unlocking the value of connected things in built environments. Accessing this value yields cost savings, an increase in asset value, and an improved experience for a built environment.

Within the two application suites, five new applications are available, two for buildings and three for hospitals. These vertical-specific applications offer building owners and hospitals more tailored solutions to:

  • Bring together data that’s captured by a variety of systems and connected devices for context-rich orchestration that helps optimize operations and improve workflows
  • Gain real-time and context-aware insights into how a built environment — such as a hospital or building— is operating, rapidly respond to a patient and tenant’s experience, and receive recommendations on how to improve operations
  • Make informed decisions and take immediate action via mobile-ready applications
  • Sync data from IoT devices and sensors to ensure a variety of different systems are able to “talk to” and supply data to ThoughtWire’s applications through pre-built connectors, which are integrated into each app

ThoughtWire’s Smart Building Suite for Operations Performance Management has proven to increase asset value by raising rental value; reduce operating expenditures by enabling remote monitoring of buildings and automating corrective actions of faults; and lower energy costs by automating efficiency workflows. The Smart Building Suite for Operations Performance Management empowers facility management to collect data, determine which data points are most useful, and give building occupants access to context-rich applications.

The suite consists of PrecisionHub for building and facility managers and the @WorkApp for tenants.

  • ThoughtWire’s PrecisionHub gives managers visibility into end-to-end operations such as energy usage and management, context-rich fault detection, and automated adjustment of building controls. This essentially entails building a “digital twin”—a digital model of a building that brings together all disparate data into one comprehensive model telling managers about the health of a building and the complex workflows within it. PrecisionHub helps managers remotely monitor alarms and events; onboard new tenants; understand data more quickly and in context; and connect various systems with sensors and third-party applications.
  • With ThoughtWire’s @WorkApp, building occupants can easily adjust environmental or comfort controls through a mobile app. This provides them with greater control over their building experience including community engagement features, building access controls from their smart phones, and wayfinding.

Smart building managers can bring tenants in more quickly and reduce the likelihood that they’ll move elsewhere by improving their overall experience. They can also reduce overall operating costs, such as improved energy efficiency with intelligent monitoring tools, and can increase asset value since smart buildings have a higher market value.

Operations Performance ManagementThoughtWire’s Smart Hospital Suite for Operations Performance Management puts the power of managing operations in the hands of the people who are in the best position to positively impact process change — helping hospital staff provide a better patient experience and better health outcomes. Facility management and other hospital staff members can see how facility operations are faring inside and out. They can also see how the facility is impacting the patient experience. Hospital teams can more easily bring in new patients, improve the time it takes to care for patients as well as the management of that care, and make changes as needed along the way.

“Failure to recognize patient deterioration is a significant issue for acute care hospitals. The use of early warning scores that track abnormal vital signs is a strategy to recognize the unwell patient,” said Alison Fox-Robichaud, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC, Department of Critical Care, Hamilton Health Sciences. “In collaboration with ThoughtWire, our hospital has harnessed the power of our electronic health record to alert healthcare professionals in a timely manner. This has led to reduced cardiac arrests and unplanned intensive care unit admissions.”

The Smart Hospital Suite for Operations Performance Management consists of three applications: EarlyWarning, SynchronizedOps, and RapidResponse.

Free Webinar: Find out more about the ThoughtWire solution for smart building management by attending a free webinar this week, Wednesday, December 5. Hear from a ThoughtWire expert and one of the company’s partners about “Creating Smart Buildings For The Future Of Work”; register today at this link.


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