Zurn Introduces EZ1 Drainage Series

These floor and shower drains are available in cast iron or plastic and shipped complete and ready to install to save contractors and their facility customers time and money.

Zurn Industries, LLC, provider of highly engineered water solutions, introduces the latest addition to the company’s mix of products — the Zurn EZ1 drainage series that is easy to install and built to last. The EZ1 floor and shower drain in PVC or ABS body is engineered to simplify product installation, post pour adjustment, and pre-packaged shims for tilt correction. The producs are available in cast iron or plastic and shipped complete and ready install out of the box.

Zurn EZ1 drain, shown in plastic version

The system provides jobsite flexibility for facility managers and their contractors. “With the EZ1 drain, we considered every aspect of what our customers need” says Matt Lawrence, Product Manager for Zurn. “From assembly, installation, and the life of the product we carefully considered each step of the process to see where we could save time and increase value for the contractor.”

EZ1 is sold complete and ready to install, where other manufacturers provide their systems in pieces. Zurn’s user-friendly design is intended to save contractors time and money with its easy integration. The company notes that contractors can save up to 14 minutes per drain installation.

Durability and reliability were at the forefront during design of the EZ1 drainage system. Both the cast iron and plastic versions are crafted to remain durable for the entire product life cycle, standing up to continuous wear and tear.

With its integrated engineering, EZ1 delivers high-level functionality and is simple to install. It includes an easy post-pour adjustment, tilt accessory package, and an integrated strainer. The EZ1’s strainer is built into the assembly and lifts with the rough-in cover to ease contractor labor.

At the customer’s request, EZ1 can be equipped with the ZShield™ system. ZShield stops odor, gases, and insects from coming up through the drain while still allowing water to flow.