Zurn Launches New Stainless Sanitary Floor Drain

The Z1805 drain was designed to minimize areas for bacteria to build up maintaining a sanitary environment for commercial spaces.

Zurn introduced the New Z1805 Stainless Sanitary Floor Drain. The Z1805 Industrial Standard Sanitary Floor Drain is designed to reduce areas where bacteria can collect and build up. It also creates a more sanitary environment with fewer drain issues to worry about.

For facilities teams and specifiers requiring industrial-strength sanitary drains, the Zurn Z1805 Stainless Sanitary Floor Drain can collect through a proprietary seamless body construction and sloped bottom design engineered for free-flowing drainage to reduce the risk of standing water in the bottom of the drain. It uses type 304 or 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance to cleaning chemicals and acids, featuring 100% spun drain body construction and minimum continuous welds.

The Z1805 comes standard with a perforated removable sediment bucket with lift handle, H5 Extra Heavy-Duty Slotted Grate, pre-pour stabilizing anchor tabs, and smooth bead blasted finish. EZLock magnetic locking secondary strainer can only be removed with the proprietary tool for a tamper-proof drain line protected from debris. The optimized open areas in the grate, bucket and strainer for free-flowing performance. Water and bacteria can move more freely out of the space and facilities are easier to keep clean and safe with fewer germs.

The Z1805 is available in 12” diameter round or 12” square and with multiple configuration options for the versatility and durability of one floor drain that fits numerous commercial applications. Three outlet sizes and connection types are available, including anchor flange, seepage holes, clamp collar and trap primer. The clean and aesthetically pleasing satin finish that maintains appearance. The Zurn drain was designed in accordance with standards ASME A112.6.3 and CSA B79. The Z1805 is also USDA and FDA compliant for corrosion resistance.

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