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This product line from Wahl Instruments is designed to help facility professionals maintain the health of their occupants.




Wahl Instruments offers a line of Fever Alert™ products designed specifically for rapid screening of individuals in public places for elevated body temperatures, aimed at potentially minimizing the spread of Swine and Bird flu.

Fever Alert from Wahl Instruments detects elevated body temperatures.
Fever Alert from Wahl Instruments detects elevated body temperatures.

The new line from Wahl offers the flexibility to choose the product that bests suits the user application. These include a handheld infrared thermometer, a thermal imaging camera, and a high resolution thermal imaging system. Wahl Fever Alert™ products detect the hottest temperature on a subject, facilitating further evaluation. They detect critical temperature differences in real time and give off both audible and visible alarms for increased body temperature, or fever above the “normal” (98.6°F or 37°C) which is often a relevant clinical indication of possible infection.

Companies, health departments, government agencies, and all public facilities could benefit from using Wahl Fever Alert™ products to screen individuals, potentially minimizing the spread of Swine and Bird flu. There is no delay processing people with Wahl’s Fever Alert™ products. Non-contact and non-invasive, they are safe for both the subject and the operator. Also available is a blackbody temperature reference source which allows for calibration verification of the unit prior to, and during, use.

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