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These feature stories include coverage of the issues faced by facility managers, case studies from the facility manager’s perspective, and special reports.

Services & Maintenance: Making For A Brighter Future

Proper lighting maintenance can help save energy and... [...]

FM Issue: Power Supply

There is high demand for backup power solutions, and there are many requirements that should be addressed before purchasing decisions are made.... [...]


Office Technology Trends: A Change in Direction

Office machines once considered essential have been pushed aside by newer... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Playing It Safe

A HAZCOM program is essential for facilities that house... [...]

FM Issue: A Garden Grows Above

Green roofs are an emerging trend for facilities seeking a way to help the... [...]

Security Trends: Threats In The Dark

New security technology helps facility managers monitor dangers in the... [...]

FM Issue: Powering Through The Data Center

Focusing on four major areas can contribute to successful power design in mission critical facilities.... [...]


Services & Maintenance: Commissioning For Existing Facilities

Performing a check up on a building can provide valuable knowledge about its inner... [...]

Fire Management Trends: Escaping The Ring of Fire

During a fire, facility managers need to evacuate employees and protect the building's... [...]


FM Issue: Essential Elements In Outsourcing

Contributor Alex Lam reveals how a new approach to outsourcing is making it a more attractive management... [...]