NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Sensor Layout and Tuning from Lutron

Lutron Electronics recently introduced its Sensor Layout and Tuning Service to assure that wired or wireless Lutron daylight sensors and occupancy sensors help facility managers achieve their energy savings goals.

Installing occupancy sensors and daylight sensors can be an inexact science, and sensor fine tuning is best performed after the space is fully occupied, furniture is in place, and the HVAC system is balanced to the environment. Projects that include the new Lutron Sensor Layout and Tuning Service offer the assurance that the Lutron provided sensors will be installed and calibrated to perform as intended.

The Sensor Layout and Tuning Service is essentially a three step process.

  • A Lutron service representative analyzes reflected ceiling plans for the project and designs a detailed sensor layout based on an agreed upon sequence of operations.
  • Prior to, or during system startup, Lutron may advise installing contractor regarding sensor relocation in the event that conditions in the space deviate from the original drawings.
  • Lutron provides up to two additional on-site service visits, post startup, within the first calendar year from the time the building is turned over, to fine-tune sensor calibration.