Aquarion Eyewash Station by Encon

Portable eyewash station for mounting on most structural supports

The Aquarion Self-Contained Eyewash is a portable eyewash station for when plumbed, potable water is not available.
The Aquarion Self-Contained Eyewash is a portable eyewash station for when plumbed, potable water is not available.

The Aquarion® Self-Contained Eyewash (AQ100) from Encon® is a portable eyewash station for when plumbed, potable water is not available. It has a sleek, slim design with a mounting method for use on any wall, tight hallway, column, shelf, or cart. Installation to these or almost any other structural support is fast and simple.

eyewash stationThe Aquarion has a sealed flexible cartridge that completely self-evacuates without external forces applied. The cartridges store the fluid and help maintain a required flow throughout the entire 15-minute flush. Self-evacuating flexible bags keep the flushing fluid fresh and clean for reliable performance and maintenance free service.

Using the eyewash station is a one-step process—users pull the tray down in an easy motion and the fluid begins to flow in less than a second. This single pull down motion pierces seals in the eyewash station hoses allowing the fluid to flow from the attached nozzles. Spent fluid is collected and directed to an integral drain port for future disposal. A usage indicator tie breaks upon actuation to show the unit has been used.

The ANSI Z358.1 certified safety unit has a yellow ABS cover to protect fluid bags and the internal cavity of the station. Side windows offer visual inspection of the fluid bags without removal of the cover. The polycarbonate back plate supports the eyewash station with filled cartridges. A retracting tray protects the nozzles from the environment.

The Aquarion® model AQ100H130 series adds freeze protection to the AQ100. It incorporates an insulating blanket and a 120VAC (240VAC options available) internal heater thermostatically controlled to 85°F. The heater is Class 1, Division 2, Group B, C, D rated and CSA approved. Connection to the 100 watt heater is to a supplied electrical junction box by a qualified individual.

Model AQ100H130 has a yellow outer jacket made up of an outer PVC coated nylon shell, an inner filling of a fine web of thin insulate material, and another PVC liner. These materials help to create a thermal and moisture protection barrier with high visibility to the emergency eyewash.

The Aquarion Self-Contained Eyewash features sealed, ready to use cartridges for years of contaminant-free flushing fluid; a removable lid for inspection of the internal components; and a tray release latch for close visual inspection of the heads, nozzles, and hoses without actuation. In addition, a fluid expiration date tag is readily accessible.

Fluid bags are sold separately when ordering the AQ100. Sterile AQ110 flushing fluid as well as preserved AQ120 flushing fluid are available and stored in factory sealed cartridges; no external water supply source is required. User filled AQ111 bags can also be ordered. They have a pre-added preservative for ease of filling, come in a lightweight shipping package, and have a three year shelf life (up to 180 day use after fill).

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