ootBox Movable, Temporary Office Space

This on-demand and fully-equipped productivity space has a capacity of four to six people

ootBox, which stands for out-of-the-box, reinvents expectations for a temporary office space. It is a comfortable, leasable office that is delivered straight to any property on-demand for just about any application, including parking lots, shopping centers, coffee shops, and medical facilities. This movable, shareable work space provides a “third place” or “escape” for anyone.temporary office space

The ootBox measures 8′ W x 8’6″ H x 10′ L and is 80 square feet; the base is a 10′ shipping container. It weighs approximately 4,000 pounds and has a capacity of four to six people (seating for four). This temporary office space was conceptualized to inspire users to get creative and be productive and is fully equipped with HVAC, furnishings, and flooring. The ootBox is powered by a regular 20A 120v outdoor power outlet.

temporary office space

The wall of glass offers the feeling of outdoors, while a silent climate control system keeps the space at optimal temperatures, no matter the weather outside. A bar-top table is flanked by ergonomic, height adjustable chairs and plenty of electrical outlets so that guests can focus on being productive.

An ootBox can be leased for as little as two months or as long as a year. Colors, finishes, furnishings, and exterior branding can be customized. In most cases, the box arrives in a few days and everything is set up for free.