Antimicrobial Surface Protector For FLAVIA C600 Beverage System

Lavazza Professional has partnered with Kastus to offer an antimicrobial surface protector¹ for the FLAVIA® CREATION 600 brewing system. The surface protector is available for both the touchscreen and the brewer door and is just one of the ways the C600 provides enhanced peace of mind for facility managers.

Today, more than ever, common areas such as breakrooms are actively being adapted to address the hygiene concerns and sensitivities of consumers. Kastus has developed a way for individuals to continue to touch shared surfaces with reduced exposure to surface bacteria. antimicrobial surface protector

The patented technology developed by Kastus—an award-winning surface innovation company based in Ireland—is an ultra-thin, invisible, non-leaching coating that is easy to clean, activated by visible light, and designed to work for two years.

“Antimicrobial surface coatings are critical in this moment, to help give consumers an enhanced level of protection when using shared touchscreens,” said John Browne, founder and CEO of Kastus. “The Kastus patented 24/7 antimicrobial coating technology that powers our screen protector products offers enhanced, ‘always-on’ screen protection and gives consumers the added confidence to interact with shared screen displays.”

Lavazza Professional’s FLAVIA brewing systems have been designed with workplace hygiene in mind. They offer two ways for hygienic brewing – brewing directly from a mobile phone with the FLAVIA Tap N’ Brew app or utilizing the touchscreen with the Kastus screen protector. Kastus antimicrobial surface protection¹ will be available as an add-on for C600 brewers, offering another way to confidently make and enjoy office beverages.

“From the production of our FLAVIA Freshpacks to the thoughtful design of our brewers, we prioritize both quality and hygiene,” said Bruce Williamson, Vice President of Innovation and Marketing at Lavazza Professional. “Our customers can have peace of mind when enjoying their favorite FLAVIA beverages. Kastus’ dedication to enhancing the lives of its customers is well aligned with our own mission at Lavazza Professional. We are excited to launch this partnership and offer Kastus’ game-changing technology to our C600 customers.”

Echoed Browne, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Lavazza Professional as we continue our strategy to roll out Kastus technology across global markets into the consumer categories where we can make a transformative difference, especially in office cleanliness.”

¹ Kastus’ 24/7 antimicrobial efficacy has been proven by independent labs using ISO global standards. Kastus registration with the U.S. EPA is currently pending.

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