Advanced Vibration Evaluation By Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has introduced Advanced Vibration Evaluation, a predictive maintenance service that identifies potential HVAC equipment failures in critical production areas such as clean rooms, switching rooms, research labs, telecommunications facilities, data centers as well as any other commercial facility.predictive maintenance

Johnson Controls uses technology, provided by Augury, a predictive diagnostics company, to:

  • Identify root causes of problems (e.g. unbalance and misalignment)
  • Help prevent secondary damage
  • Eliminate emergency repairs
  • Ensure repairs have been made correctly
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Extend equipment life

This new smartphone technology allows for a cost-effective delivery method through improved speed and efficiency to increase the number of analyzed machines while improving the quality of service. Johnson Controls is meeting the needs of its customers who want to be more proactive with maintenance by maximizing equipment information to drive facility improvements and lower costs. Johnson Controls technicians are now able to uncover the issues facing a particular machine with minimal effort and at a lower cost.

Using data collection process and analysis expertise, Johnson Controls repair technicians have the ability to arrive at solutions quickly and accurately. Repair technicians not only can identify the root cause of the vibration problems, but can deliver the precision maintenance techniques to solve the problem the first time.