AGF PURGEnVENT Air Venting Valves

Three models help reduce corrosion to meet and/or exceed NFPA 13 requirements

PURGEnVENT™ from AGF Manufacturing Inc. is a line of air venting valves. They are designed to remove excess air from sprinkler pipes to meet and/or exceed the new venting requirements established in NFPA 13 (2016).

air venting valvesCorrosion occurs when the oxygen trapped within fire sprinkler systems interacts with water or moisture and the metal pipes. Left unchecked, corrosion can develop into major failures costing millions in damages. With corrosion- related failures in fire sprinkler systems on the rise, and after review on corrosion and corrosion reduction by NFPA 13 technical committees, the NFPA has added air venting requirements to the NFPA 13 (2016) standard.

NFPA 13 code requires venting of excess air from wet fire sprinkler systems to help prevent corrosion. PURGEnVENT air venting valves are designed to work alone or in tandem to eliminate (purge and vent) as much air as possible from a wet fire sprinkler system to help prevent corrosion. They remove the oxygen trapped in the system to reduce corrosion activity.

The PURGEnVENT air venting valve product line includes both manual and automatic models: 7910MAV (Manual Air Venting Valve), 7900AAV (Automatic Air Venting Valve), and 7950ILV (Inline Air Venting Valve).

PURGEnVENT Model 7910MAV is a ½” ball valve with integral strainer and ball check. This manual valve allows air trapped at the end of the lines to vent as the system is filled. Once the system is filled, the valve should be closed.

PURGEnVENT Model 7900AAV is a 1″ ball valve with integral isolation valve, strainer, purge valve, and automatic air vent. This single body valve with hose threads on the purge valve is designed to allow for the rapid purging of air from the pipes as the system is filling, and the automatic venting of air once the system is operational.

The PURGEnVENT M7950ILV was developed for use in systems with location restrictions. It utilizes an inline specially designed air/water separation chamber with an air scoop to aid in the separation of air from water during system filling and testing. The separation chamber’s larger diameter allows water entering the chamber to expand momentarily and separate from the air, which is then scooped into the venting assembly to be released by the M7900AAV.

PURGEnVENT valves are the smallest air venting valves in the market with a compact size for easier installation and greater flexibility in placement.