Bottle Filler Retrofit Updates Water Coolers

The VersaFiller® helps accommodate today’s environmentally conscious lifestyles.

The VersaFiller® Bottle Filler Retrofit from Oasis® International turns an existing water cooler into a versatile bottle-filling station. An exclusive adaptor gasket allows it to be installed on today’s most common water coolers.

bottle fillerMore than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day, and each will take 700 years to decompose. Because of this, more people are carrying their own repeat-use water bottles and want to be able to refill them on the go. They do it to be more responsible about the environment and to save on the cost of buying single-serve water.

Without the need for a major capital expenditure, any facility—healthcare centers, schools and universities, corporate campuses, multi-unit housing, hotels and resorts—can retrofit existing water coolers and upgrade them to include modern bottle-filling stations.

For entities that provide water to their employees or the public, this upgrade reduces the cost of supplying disposable single-serve bottles. It also encourages greater usage of refillable bottles, which expands green initiatives and has an exponential impact on the environment.

The Oasis PWSBF model offers mechanical activation that works without electricity to provide refreshing water even in power outages. The Oasis PWEBF includes an electronic sensor for touch-free activation and a built-in bottle counter that tracks each refill’s positive effect on the environment.

The PWSBF and PWEBF VersaFiller Bottle Filler Retrofits have lead-free waterways in materials and construction. They have a heavy-duty steel frame and surface mount frame assembly with a brushed stainless steel cabinet finish.

Both VersaFiller Bottle Filler Retrofit models come standard with antimicrobial components infused with FRESHIELD® to help fight against degradation and the growth of bacteria. Their self-draining design does not require additional plumbing into the wall.