Certolux Releases Downlights For  Healthcare’s Technical Spaces  

Certolux’s healthcare downlights are Ingress Protection (IP) rated, certified NSF2, meet ISO3 standards, and carry an IK10 impact rating.


Certolux’s Healthcare Downlights
Certolux’s Healthcare Downlights

Certolux, a Leviton brand, introduced three series of downlights for healthcare’s technical spaces; the MSD surgical downlight, MDD patient room downlight, and the BDL behavioral health downlight. These specification-grade luminaires are designed for surgical suites, patient rooms, and behavioral health facilities and each offers a residential feel without compromising lighting performance or patient safety. 

Certolux’s MSD healthcare downlights are engineered to safeguard patients while providing efficient illumination. They offer optional 97+ CRI to aid in the accurate evaluation of skin and tissue and MILSTD 461G certification which eliminates any risk of electromagnetic interference with surgical equipment.  

The MDD downlights help create a cleaner environment for patient rooms in hospitals. Their glare-free, ambient illumination is comfortable and functional, and healthcare-critical certifications prevent contaminants from jeopardizing patient outcomes.  

Finally, BDL downlights provide patient-safe lighting in behavioral health facilities. Certolux’s people-first design combines style with the durability and rigid construction of institutional fixtures, resulting in a balance of comfort and safety for patients and staff.  

All of Certolux’s healthcare downlights are Ingress Protection (IP) rated, certified NSF2, meet ISO3 cleanroom standards and carry an IK10 impact rating. Other notable features include:  

  • 4” and 6” diameter apertures  
  • Up to 5,000 lumens  
  • Diecast trims with antimicrobial finishes  
  • Optional 97+ CRI, R9>97 light engine  
  • Optional low voltage controllers  
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