Connected LED Lighting System

T-Mobile Park becomes a bright spot in the city skyline with Signify’s connected LED lighting

Signify announced the completion of an innovative, connected LED lighting system at T-Mobile Park. This dynamic, colorful architectural LED lighting will allow the ballpark to shine bright in the expanding city skyline, and enhance the experience of every fan and visitor to the home of the Mariners.connected LED lighting

This lighting is part of the ongoing ballpark upgrades from T-Mobile to create more memorable sights and experiences for fans. The system includes more than one mile of high-quality and energy-efficient Color Kinetics iColor Accent Compact fixtures. These exterior, linear LED luminaires shine long ribbons of white or colored light, and support intricate, color-changing effects on T-Mobile Park’s retractable rooftop and steel trusses as well as the architectural features on its eastern and western facades. With remote control management of the connected lighting, T-Mobile Park can easily showcase Mariners blue and northwest green, T-Mobile’s signature magenta and other vivid hues. It can also produce custom light shows using animated image effects and geometric patterns, suitable for all types of events.

connected LED lightingiColor Accent Compact is a direct view linear LED luminaire suited for displaying large-scale video, graphics, and intricately designed effects in a host of architectural settings. Three luminaire lengths—1′, 2′, and 4’—are connected to create long, continuous columns or rows of intense, dynamic color. The 1′ luminaires in particular allow for extra flexibility when space is at a premium. iColor Accent Compact accepts Ethernet input from the PDS-400 48V EO to support long control runs not subject to DMX data and addressing limitations. connected LED lightingTwo lens choices are available for iColor Accent Compact, a clear lens which delivers bright output and a translucent lens which provides a wide viewing angle. The luminaires can be addressed and controlled in increments down to ¾”, or up to 4″.

The connected LED lighting system will be on full display for visitors to the Enchant holiday experience at T-Mobile Park, beginning November 22, 2019.