DMP XTLplus All Wireless Control Panel

Security system now manufactured with Version 172 firmware, expanding the zones from 48 to 99

The XTLplus™ from Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is an all-onboard wireless control panel for small commercial security applications. Moving forward, it will be manufactured with updated Version 172 firmware, expanding the zones from 48 to 99. Users now have greater flexibility in the options they can add to their systems.wireless control panel

“With a much higher zone limit, the new XTLplus opens doors to provide an ideal solution, particularly for small businesses,” says Aaron McGhee, product manager for DMP’s Control Panels. “In addition to an expanded zone count, the new XTLplus still has the same communication benefits, high security features, and two-way 900 MHz frequency hopping-spread-spectrum technology that no other company can offer.”

Users can choose from three XTLplus models:

  • XTL+Z (Z-Wave Plus on board)
  • XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
  • XTL+WZ (Z-Wave Plus and Wi-Fi on board)

The XTLplus supports up to eight two-way wireless key fobs or outputs; 99 zones of 900Mhz two-way wireless, cellular, and Wi-Fi communication; Z-Wave Plus™ devices; a 200 event memory; and 99 user codes with authority level all in one. The wireless control panel can use dual communication with Wi-Fi as primary and cellular as backup. The cellular operates on the CDMA or HSPA+ data network via the 265C or 265H Cellular Communicators.

The digital cellular communicators transmit IP data packets directly from the panel over the CDMA, HSPA+, or Wi-Fi data network. All of the messages being sent by the wireless control panel are received directly by the DMP Central Station receiver. There is no retransmission or reinterpretation of the information. Direct reporting means faster response, with no concerns about signals not being properly relayed or intermediate communication links failing.

SecureCom Wireless provides a reliable wireless solution for the XTLplus transmission of alarm signals to the Central Station receiver. EASYconnect enables the control panel to establish an outbound connection to SecureCom over the Wi-Fi. This allows for an effortless installation of network panels, without any customer router programming, providing quick App connection times.

The Virtual Keypad™ App works on smart phones or mobile devices and allows users to access a number of system functions. Controls include arming/disarming, Z-Wave Plus, and Camera control. Users may also use to access their security system on a tablet or desktop computer. MyAccess™ lets them send commands to the system via simple text message, allowing any text capable phone or mobile device to become a remote control.

The 9800 Wireless Graphic Touchscreen Keypad provides features and functions that can be accessed via the carousel menu on the 5″ full-color touchscreen. Z-Wave Plus features may also be controlled via the touchscreen keypads.

User can select one or two receivers for messages regarding alarms, supervisory/trouble, opening/closing, and test reports. They can send all messages to both receivers or identify one receiver for alarms and the second for reports or trouble messages to alert only the proper responder. The unit sends full reporting messages including Zones, Areas, and Users, with all names and details included. Full supervision ensures that the cellular or network communication path is intact and functional.