Facility Executive | April 2017 Issue

The April 2017 issue features a special focus on lighting, plus a look at integrated work management systems, HVAC, fire protection, and water management.

April 2017 issueFacility Executive: April 2017

Volume 30, Number 2

Facility Retrofit: Multi-Site Exterior Lighting | An initiative introduced in 2015 is paying off for Kimco Realty at its retail facilities.

Tech And FM: Recapturing The Value Of IWMS | The benefits of integrated work management systems may be elusive if not revisited periodically.

The HVAC Factor: Derive Savings From Demand Control Ventilation | This energy conservation measure helps to ensure appropriate fresh air for occupants, while reducing energy costs.

Sprinklers, Standpipes, And Pumps | Maintaining water-based fire protection equipment is outlined in the NFPA 25 Standard.

Lighting Efficiency Changes On Horizon | The revised ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1 Standard has been updated to be more user-friendly, while addressing evolution in lighting.

Task Tuning In Commercial Buildings: A Field Study | Researchers tested this lighting control strategy in multiple settings.

Beyond The Task of Illumination | Office lighting has been found to impact employee health and wellness, and considering circadian rhythm is a key.

International Water Stewardship Standard In Use | The Alliance For Water Stewardship is implementing its own comprehensive standard at its facility in Milwaukee, WI.

School District Finds Continuous Improvement | The chief facilities manager for the city of Manchester, NH tackled deferred maintenance, energy use, and staff training. Plus, what can higher education gain from public-private partnerships?

Restroom Fixtures and Water Savings | These water-centric facility items hold potential for reducing use.

Data Center Optimization | A federal data center mandate features directives useful to all sectors.

Renewable Energy: Operating Coal-Free By 2025 | The University of Iowa is powering ahead with its goal to employ biomass and other renewable energy sources.

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